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Parato, renowned since 1985, is not just a company, but a symbol of Italian excellence and innovation in the world of wallpaper. Throughout the years, the company has continually advanced its production process, resulting in the creation of high-quality products that have garnered global recognition.

Parato Wallpaper

However, it is the brand Cristiana Masi® that truly elevated Parato to new heights. As the architect, designer, and creative force behind all of Parato's collections, Cristiana Masi® has swiftly emerged as a symbol of the highest quality in the wallpaper industry. This brand distinguishes itself through meticulous product design and the ongoing oversight of every production stage, from colour sketches, printing, and decoration, to the creation of samples and the presentation of collections.

Pareto High Quality Products

Every stage of this process is characterised by careful planning, with the aim of continuously enhancing each product and its visual appeal. The outcome? Design and high-quality products crafted by a skilled and knowledgeable artistic team. The Cristiana Masi collections are distributed and admired globally, highlighting the brand's strength and significant position within Parato.

Pareto Quality

The Cristiana Masi® brand is more than just a name; it is a promise of quality, a tribute to Italian design and a constant quest to produce the best wallpapers on the market. From initial sketches for coloration, printing, and embellishment to the production of samples and the presentation of collections, each stage of the manufacturing process serves as a testament to this commitment. Cristiana Masi® is the true protagonist of Parato's success story. 

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