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ECO Wallpaper

Come and view our ECO wallpaper collection online. Sweden's oldest wallpaper manufacturer, Engblad & Co, continues to impress today with its fantastic creations. Their wallpapers are "inspired by a modern and relaxed lifestyle". A motto we share. 

The influence of ancient history 

Since the middle of the 19th century, wallcoverings from ECO have offered beautiful and popular designs for everyone to decorate their homes with. ECO is an older name for the manufacturer Engblad & Co, which today belongs to Boråstapeter. ECO wallpaper still has its design studio in Borås.

ECO's fantastic retro wallcoverings

Are you looking for a retro paper from ECO? Many of their popular designs are reprinted with new names and article numbers. Feel free to contact us, and we will help you find your choice of ECO-wallpaper. Wallcoverings previously launched under the name ECO can be found with us under the Engblad & Co section. 

Buy ECO wallpaper UK online

With us, you will find everything from the most popular Engblad & Co wallpaper to the unique ECO wallpapers UK. In addition to home delivery, we also offer a price guarantee which means that you, as our customer, can always purchase an affordable ECO product. You are welcome to visit our blog for more tips and advice or contact customer service if you need guidance or help.